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Sophistry is the Game of Half-Truths where cheating is the only rule! It's filled with quotes from famous speeches, events, stories and films, but these quotes use clever logical fallacies to mislead you. To win the game, you need to quickly catch the fallacies that your friends use on you, while speaking your own fallacies without getting caught.

What are Logical Fallacies?

Logical fallacies are pseudological arguments. They are ways of thinking and speaking that feel true or truthy, but if you take the time to think about them, you will see that they are not logically valid.

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Logical fallacies are pseudological arguments. They are ways of thinking and speaking that feel true or truthy, but if you take the time to think about them, you will see that they are not logically valid.

The great (or terrible) thing about logical fallacies is that they are half-truths. When you use a fallacy, you are not lying per se, but you can still be successful in making people believe untrue things.

When you tune your mind, and start listening for them, you will see that the world is filled with fallacies. You'll find them in the news, in conversations with friends and even in your own thoughts. Politicians use them to win you over. Marketers and advertisers use them to sell you things. Some people use them dishonestly because they want to manipulate you, but most people use them accidentally because they don't know any better.

Here is an example. One of the most basic logical fallacies is the appeal to popularity. This is when you argue that something must be true because many people believe it.

Cards to speak, cards to silence

The game of Sophistry uses two kinds of cards - quote cards and fallacy cards. You must read quote cards, identify the fallacy in the quote, then play the correct fallacy card if you have it. There are three different modes of play and the game mechanics a little different depending on which mode your are playing in. The three modes (solo practice, multiplayer and arena play) are described in more detail below.

Free, Real-Time, Multiplayer Game with No Installation or Sign Up

Sophistry is a progressive web app. This means that you can play it directly over the web whenever you want, and there is no need to install any apps on your phone or computer. You can create a user account on to save your games and achievements, or you can play anonymously with no strings attached.

It is a real-time multiplayer game where each player or team joins the game through their own smartphone or other device.

Sophistry is an education game that we provide freely to help you practice your critical thinking skills, or teach others. Enjoy!


Multiplayer is where individuals play against each other. Each player must have their own smartphone or other device.


Arena play is great for public events, classes and training workshops. Players join into teams (3-5 players per team is best) and each team must have a leader. The team leader is the person who uses their smart phone or other device to enter the team's answers.

Arena play allows large numbers of people to play, and it is great for beginners because they can discuss with others before answering.

Arena play is extra-fun when there is a host to facilitate the game, and a projector or screen where quotes can be displayed, but these things are not required.


  • Do I need to install any apps to play Sophistry?

    No. Sophistry is web-based. You just visit the website, start a game and play. Other players also join your game simply by visiting the website.
  • Do I need to create a user account to play Sophistry?

    No. You can play without even creating an account. But if you choose to create one, your past game stats will be saved. You can create a user account here
  • Is there a paid or premium version?

    No. Sophistry is 100% free. We accept donations to help fund our web hosting.
  • Can I add a quote or fallacy to your database?

    If you have found an example of a famous, fallacious quote, you can submit it using our submission form here. Please respect our editorial guidelines described in the question below. If you are a fallacy aficionado and you want to help us build our game database over the long term, then please contact us to apply for access as an editor.
  • What standards or guidelines do you use when choosing quotes?

    We have a few editorial guidelines that we follow:
    • Quotes must be famous: they must have been said by a notable person or be from a widely known work of fiction,
    • they must be verifiable from a reputable source,
    • they must be given precisely as the source originally spoke or wrote them: we do not accept paraphrasings,
    • they must be short enough to fit on our cards,
    • the quote must contain sufficient information to recognize the fallacy: if some other obscure knowledge is needed to recognize the fallacy, then we cannot accept the quote.
  • How can I join your editorial team?

    Send us an email. We will interview you and give you editorial access if you fit well on our team.
  • Do you provide any other resources for teaching about the logical fallacies?

    Yes. Our whole database of quotes and fallacies is available here. You can find many examples of famous fallacious quotes, and you can even download image files of all the cards to use in your own teaching. All of these materials are shared under a Creative Commons license that allows you to use, modify and redistribute them in any way that you wish.
  • Is there a physical version of Sophistry for sale with real cards?

    No. Sophistry would not work as a real game with actual cards. We currently have about 80 logical fallacies in the game database. But to keep the game fun and playable, it limits you to 4 fallacies every time you start a new game. This means that every time you launch a new game, the Sophistry engine builds a custom deck of fallacy and quote cards just for you. Doing this process manually with cards would be long and tedious, so a physical version of Sophistry is not feasible.
  • Do you sell physical versions of the cards for novelty purposes?

    We don't currently sell them but we are thinking about it. If you are interested in buying Sophistry cards, then send us an email and we will see what we can do.